HTML Beginner Tips on Paragraph Restructuring

With our HTML beginner tips, it is hardly a surprise that in such a short period of time you are able to master the basic structure that makes up your entire HTML document. With this knowledge in hand, you are now able to tweak things a little bit and yes, this also means you can finally slightly change the structuring of your contents to make your webpage even more lively and interesting.

In this part of HTML tutorials, you will be given a step-by-step process on how to spice things up a little bit by messing with your own paragraph structure.

When you are ready to earn HTML, open up your previously saved text editor or notepad, find where you left off and add a new line in the form random sentence. The file would look like the following:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>My first webpage ever</title>



It’s my first ever webpage

Isn’t it exciting



See the new line in bold? Yes, in the beginning you may expect the new document will automatically appear as you type the new sentence and you may expect it to appear in two lines as you have typed in the text editor – but instead, it would look like nothing as expected. This is exactly what we would like to outline on our HTML advice, before you go into panic mode thinking you have made a mistake – don’t. You have done nothing wrong as web browsers do not typically notice the different line your code is typed on. The web browsers also do not typically notice any space used. If you would like to have the text appeared on a completely different line, you must have put the “p tag”, stands for the paragraph tag, like the following:

<p>It’s my first ever webpage</p>

          <p>Isn’t it exciting</p>